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Galgo Save Belgium a transféré le 1/4/2009 la somme de 750 €  sur le compte d’Arca pour l’achat de croquettes .Avec ce montant ils ont pu acheter 1140 kg de croquettes. Cela leur permet de nourrit les chiens d’Arca pendant un mois.

Les bénévoles d'Arca étaient super contents avec ce don. Voici leur mail :

With your donation we have bought 76 coats of 15 kilos.

 Food for all the month and of good quality for their good health and well-being.

 Ana has taken care of everything.

 The truth is that we are very contents and today has been a happy day for us and for our dogs. As you always know they thank for the cares and in its name and from all the volunteers of Arca, we thank to you.

 Thanks, of all heart.

Greetings from all. Many thanks.

Miquel (Arca)

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